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The Opera Foundation for young Australians is a non-profit arts organisation that has supported the professional development and pursuit of excellence for young Australians in the field of opera for the past 52 years.

It was founded by Lady Mary Fairfax AC OBE in 1963 who saw an opportunity to help and inspire young Australian opera artists by providing ‘make or break’ learning opportunities in the best opera houses and centres around the world.

A reason for being which is as relevant today as what it was at inception.

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2020 Audition Postponement Notice

An update on the 2020 auditions is now available

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2020 COVID Stories from our past winners 

During COVID we have collected an update from our past winners, to be able to share with you.

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2019 Rockend Berlin New Music Opera  Award

Designer Elia Bosshard from NSW has been awarded the 2019 Rockend Berlin New Music Opera  Award.

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2019 Michael Byrne Vienna State Opera Award

Our 2019 Award winner Olivia Cranwell with contract with the Vienna State Opera.

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