Paull-Anthony Keightley
(2017 Deutsche Oper Berlin Award)

What does winning this Award mean to you?

Being named the winner of The Opera Foundation for young Australians’ Deutsche Oper Berlin Award is absolutely life changing. Not only will I have the opportunity to observe some of the greatest artists of our generation, I will be singing along-side them night after night – How could one wish for a better opportunity? I have been committed to my journey as a singer which at times has presented extreme challenges, yet with perseverance and a little humour my love for this art form and industry has only grown. I could not be happier to be following in the rather large footsteps of my good friend and colleague Sam Roberts-Smith, the inaugural winner of the award in 2016. He was been a guiding force over the past few years so sharing my good news with him was very special.

How do you believe winning this Award will help your career?

I had often thought of the prospect of working as a singer in Germany but never knew if this would be a realistic possibility. I aim to make the most of my contract at Deutsche Oper, studying hard, learning as much as I can and enjoying the environment of one of the world’s busiest opera houses. I will undoubtedly be offered incomparable experiences and exposure to the international operatic community, which would be near impossible feat to achieve alone. While reading over The Opera Foundation for young Australians’ past recipients list, it is remarkable to be joining such an accomplished group of artists. Many have gone on to major international careers while others have become our most loved names at on home soil. I hope that my future as a singer can be as fruitful as my predecessors and I know I will do everything in my power to make this the case. Thank you to Hans & Petra Henkell, Kevin & Dawn Troy and The Opera Foundation for young Australians for all your support.