Livia Brash
(2017 Dalwood-Wylie American Institute of Musical Studies Award & AIMS Sundell Awards)

What does winning these Awards mean to you?

To be considered by The Opera Foundation for young Australians is a great honour, for which I am incredibly thankful. Winning this Award and being given the wonderful opportunity to work on my voice and artistry, has even further ignited my passion for opera and strengthened my resolve to pursue this profession. My experience at AIMS and in Vienna shaped me as a performer and gifted me with a lifetime of joyful memories.

How do you believe winning this Award will help your career?

The world-class tuition at AIMS, in combination with the dynamic learning environment, really enabled me to push my singing to the “next level.” I feel that AIMS helped fill gaps in my knowledge, from acting, to presentation, to technique, which has in turn allowed me develop more as an emerging artist. Many of the wonderful relationships I have made with friends and colleagues at AIMS will be lifelong, and I look forward to the paths of our operatic careers crossing again. Thank you so much to The Opera Foundation for young Australians, The Dalwood-Wylie Foundation and the Sundell Family for this magical experience.