Fiona Jopson
(2017 Vienna State Opera Award)

What does winning this Award mean to you?

A few years ago I was assessing my life and career goals for the next 5 to 10 years. One of these goals was to experience the international stage and the Vienna State Opera was one of the houses on my list. This is a dream come true and I don’t think any words can describe what this means to me. It is such a tremendous feeling when you are following your passion and how the universe conspires to help you.

How do you believe winning this Award will help your career?

Winning the Vienna State Opera Award will immensely help and develop my career. To have access to International artists, coaches, conductors and directors and to observe how they work is so valuable. As artists we are always learning and I believe being immersed will allow me to grow and be challenged. I am excited and eager to take full advantage of this opportunity. There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes that goes on to make these opportunities possible and my sincere gratitude to The Opera Foundation for young Australians, The Scott Family Bequest and the late Dellie Alldritt. I will be a proud ambassador for this wonderful Foundation.