Bronwyn Douglass
(2017 Lady Fairfax New York Scholarship)

What does winning this Award mean to you?

It is an absolute honour to be the 2017 recipient of The Opera Foundation for young Australians’ Lady Fairfax New York Scholarship. Pursuing a career in opera is a long, challenging and expensive endeavour. Unfortunately often personal studies have to be put on hold due to lack of funds. This Scholarship means that I have the opportunity to continue my private studies by undertaking a period of private coaching in New York. This will help me to develop my vocal and acting techniques and work towards being a refined and formidable performer. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to further my studies and to all at the Foundation that have made this possible and of course to Lady Fairfax AC OBE.

How do you believe winning this Award will help your career?

Winning The Opera Foundation for young Australians’ Lady Fairfax New York Scholarship will be very beneficial to my career. I have always aimed as an artist to be as refined, consistent and polished as possible. It is not always feasible for young singers to undertake the private study it takes to advance their technique. Having this support from The Opera Foundation for young Australians and the opportunity to spend time refining my craft means that I will be able to achieve a higher level of performance. I believe that this will help me to succeed in what is a very competitive and challenging industry.