Sam Roberts-Smith – baritone – WA

Why did you audition for the Deutsche Oper Berlin Award?

The Deutsche Oper Berlin is one of the greatest opera companies in the world, able to secure the most highly demanded international singers and present productions of the highest possible standard. Since graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing arts in 2008, I have continued to work tirelessly towards establishing myself as an operatic artist both in Australia and abroad. I have always believed in achieving results through planning and hard work. As a young Australian baritone serious about forging a career on the operatic stages of the world, auditioning for the 2016 Deutsche Oper Berlin Award was an opportunity that could not be missed.

How did you find the auditioning process?

Auditioning for the Opera Foundation for Young Australians can be stressful for any young singer, especially when the awards being offered are potentially life changing. However, I have learned that focusing on communicating the text and inhabiting each character is a far better approach than allowing myself to become distracted with the outcome. The Opera Foundation’s General Manager and Judges for this year’s competition were all extremely welcoming and supportive from the outset. During the application and notification stage, correspondence from the Opera Foundation was clear and concise with any questions answered quickly. I arrived at my audition for the Deutsche Oper Berlin Award fully prepared and ready to perform at my best.

What would winning this award mean to you?

Winning the 2016 Deutsche Oper Berlin Award would be recognition from one of the world’s best opera companies of my continuous drive to improve, strong work ethic and commitment to perform at the highest possible level. As winner of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Award, I would be in a privileged and rare position to observe and learn in an environment only made possible through this award. There are no words to express how much this opportunity would mean to me. Winning the 2016 Deutsche Oper Berlin Award would change my life.

What is the difference you think it would make to your career?

The potential future opportunities for the winner of this award are endless. The ability to add roles performed at the Deutsche Oper Berlin to my resume would in itself act as a recommendation to other high profile companies when engaging singers for their upcoming seasons. This opportunity would provide a period of unparalleled exposure to the international operatic community, unlikely to ever be achieved if attempted alone. If after my contracted period with the Deutsche Oper Berlin I was able to remain in Germany, I would be ideally placed geographically to ensure that other European countries, the United Kingdom and United States are all a short distance away, making any future auditions or work possibilities more accessible and financially viable. There is no comparison or limit to the potential career I could have if chosen as the winner of the 2016 Deutsche Oper Berlin Award.