Alexandra Flood

Dr.Faust jun © Christian POGO Zach Alexandra Flood –2013 Dalwood-Wylie American Institute of Musical Studies Award & AIMS Sundell Study Award In 2013, I won the American Institute of Musical Studies Award, which allowed me to attend AIMS that northern summer. Following AIMS, I was awarded the AIMS Sundell Study Award, which supported further study [...]

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Constantine Costi

Constantine Costi – 2015 Berlin New Music Opera Award I am very excited to be writing this from a rehearsal room. I am currently working as an assistant director on Opera Australia’s Turandot on the Harbour, directed by Chen Shi-Zheng. We just ended a huge session with Opera Australia’s magnificent fifty-strong chorus. I have been [...]

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Margaret Plummer

Hänsel with Soprano Chen Reiss (photo by Michael Pöhn) at the Vienna Statae Opera. Margaret Plummer – 2015 Vienna State Opera Award I was the recipient of the Foundation’s 2014 Vienna State Opera Award and arrived in Austria at the beginning of 2015. It has been truly an incredible 14 months since then. During the [...]

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